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RB-1 Riffle Boxes


Each riffle box is made from heavy gauge steel and coated with
electrostatic paint. It can be ordered separately.
It is enclosed type.

RB-2 Riffle Boxes


Each riffle box is made from heavy gauge steel and coated with electrostatic paint.can be ordered separately. 
It is opening type.

SS-L Large-capacity Sample Splitter


For aggregates up to 150 mm size.
Adjustable openings from 12.5 mm with 12.5 mm increments.
Clamshell hopper 26 dm3 capacity
Complete with two collecting pans
Overall height approx: 1000 mm
Hoper size: 735 mm long × 483 mm wide
Weight approx: 50 kg



With flat blade 250×300 mm, weight approx 3 kg

Round Aluminium Scoops


325 ml, 1000 ml, 2600 ml

GS-1 Grid Sieves


Used to determine the flakiness index of the aggregates. A series of grid sieves formed from 5 mm diameter steel parallel bars securely fixed in a metal frame.

SI-1 Aggregate Shaper Index Caliper


Used to determine the shape factor of aggregates by measuring the ratio of length to width of individual aggregate particles using a vernier caliper.

FI-1 Flakiness Sieves


Used to determine if aggregate particles are to be considered flaky. Each sieve is made from heavy gauge steel sheet and coated with electrostatic paint. Each sieve can be ordered separately.

Thickness Gauge FI-2/3/4
FI-5 Proportional Caliper


Used for the rapid and easy determination of percentage of flat particles,
elongated particles, or both in coarse aggregate fractions of 9.5mm (3/8 in) or larger. 
The positioning of the pivoting arm allows to obtain desired ratio among 1:2,
1:3, 1:4, or 1:5.
Weight: 3.2 kg.

FI-6 Length Gauge


Aggregate particles are considered elongated when their length is more than 1.8 of their nominal size.

SETA-2 Sand Equivalent Shaker


Working voltage

220V±10% 50HZ

Working power


Shaker frequency




Controlled time









Flushing pipe





MBT-1 Methylene Blue Tester


Power: 400 W
Working temperature:  ≤  35℃
Relative humidity:  ≤  85%
Beaker: 1000 ml capacity
Glass rod: 300 × 8 mm dia.
Filter paper.
Methylene blue. 250 g
Overall dimensions: 300 × 200 × 600 mm
Weight approx: 15 kg

EIA-1 Efflux index Apparatus


Cylinder body: inside diameter 90 mm×125 mm high
Container: 1000 ml
Distance between funnel and container: 115 mm
Tamping rod: 25 mm dia. and 340 g
Overall dimensions: 310 × 310 × 335 mm
Weight approx: 9 kg

STD-500 Solid Testing Drum
LAAM-1 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine



Inner length
Rotate speed
4 bit
Quality of steel ball
Power supply
Three -phase, four-wire

LAAM-2 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine


The unit is supplied with 1 set of abrasive charges (12 steel balls).
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase
Power: 750 W
Overall dimensions: 900  ×  1000  ×  1100 mm
Weight approx: 360 kg
Abrasive charges:
LAAM-2A: abrasive charges conforming to ASTM/UNI/CNR Standards
LAAM-2B: abrasive charges conforming to EN Standards

DTM-1 Micro-Deval Testing Machine


Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase
Power: 1100 W
Overall dimensions: 1000 × 455 × 900 mm
Weight approx: 140 kg
Accessories to EN 1097-1

DTM-2 Deval Attrition Testing Machine


Rotation speed: 33 rpm
Motor: 750 W
Overall dimensions: 1500 × 520 × 900 mm
Weight approx: 180 kg

TFV-1 Ten-percent Fines Value Apparatus


Cylinder: 75 mm diameter
Tamping rod: 8 mm dia.  ×300 mm long
Metal measure: 57 mm dia.  ×  90 mm deep

ACV-1 Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus


Cylinder: 150 mm diameter
Tamping rod: 16 mm dia.  ×600 mm long
Metal measure: 115 mm dia.  ×180 mm deep

CRA-1 Aggregate Crushing Resistance Apparatus


Consisting of upper and lower cylinder inside diameter 113 mm, right with adjustable height, piston, base.
Made of steel, plated against corrosion.
Overall dimensions: 180 mm dia.×260 mm height
Weight approx: 15 kg

AIV-1 Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus


Supplied complete with  
Cylindrical measure 75 mm dia.×50 mm deep 
Tamping rod 16 mm dia. ×600 mm long.
Cylindrical mould: 102 mm dia. 50 mm deep
Dimensions: 445 × 300 × 880 mm
Weight approx: 60 kg

HTA-S Scratch Hardness Test Apparatus


Consisting of a metal rod with a rounded point of 1.6 mm diameter, which
is mounted in a device so that a load of 8.9 N is applied to the test specimen.

FCA-1 Filler Compaction Apparatus


Used for the determination of the void content of dry compacted filler.

FCA-3 Filler Compaction Apparatus


To determine accumulated density and void content of dry compacted filler.
Consisting of the following parts:
1. Sand Funnel with 20 mm dia. opening.
2. Metal cylinder: 108 mm int. dia. ×109 mm inner height, 1 L capacity
(wall thick 2 mm, base thick 5 mm)

BDM-1 series Bulk Density Measures (Unit Weight Measures)


UWM-1A measure 1 L capacity
UWM-1B measure 5 L capacity
UWM-1C measure 10 L capacity
UWM-1D measure 20 L capacity

VCA-1 Void Content Apparatus


It consists essentially of a container which ends in a 38 mm high funnel of
12.7 mm dia. with 60°opening, 100 ml cylindrical measure, funnel assembly, funnel stand.
Distance between funnel and container: 115 mm
Tamping rod: 25 mm dia. and 340 g
Overall dimensions: 310  ×  310  ×  500 mm
Weight approx: 9 kg

WDDA-1 Coarse Aggregate Water Displacement Density Apparatus


Consisting of a cylindrical metal container 163 mm dia. ×370 mm high,
fitted with a siphon tube at 250 mm from the base.
Weight approx: 3 kg
Graduated glass cylinder 250 ml.

Density Basket


Used in specific gravity tests. 
Made from stainless steel.
Complete with handles.  
Fitted with 3.35 mm mesh size.
Weight approx: 1.3 kg



Pycnometer supplied complete with cone and rubber seal.
P1000: capacity 1000 ml, weight approx: 500g
P500: capacity 500 ml, weight approx: 320g

SAA-1 Sand Absorption Apparatus


Cone made of brass, int. dia. 40 mm at the top and 90 mm at the bottom with 75 mm height.
Tamper with 25 mm dia. face and 340g.

PSV-1 Accelerated Polishing Machine


Rubber wheel: 20mm diameter, 40mm width
Road wheel: 406mm outside diameter , 315~325 rpm
Applied load on specimens: 715~735 N
Rated power: 6 KW
Power supply: 380V, 3 ph.
Overall dimensions: 800mm × 800 mm × 1200 mm
Weight approx: 220 kg

PSV-2 Skid Resistance & Friction Tester


Pendulum weight: 1500 g
Moment of pendulum’s barycenter: 410 mm
Face-on static pressure: 22.2 N (2263 g)
Distance between edge and center of pendulum: 508 mm
Pendulum’s sliding distance on pavement: 126 mm
Overall dimensions: 700 mm  ×  360 mm  ×  700 mm
Weight approx: 30 kg

FT-1 Freezing and Thawing Testing Chamber


Cooling mode: water-cooling and air-cooling
Centre temperature of sample after freezing: 17℃
Centre temperature of sample after thawing: 8℃
Sample numbers: 16 pcs
Sample size: 120 mm×120 mm×500 mm
Circle controller: 300 programs and counter for 999999
Power: 6.7 KW
Overall dimensions: 1870 mm×1000 mm×1000 mm
Weight approx: 550 kg

FT-3 Freezing & Thawing Resistance Tester


Consisting of the following parts:
Container, stainless steel made, having nominal capacity of 2000 ml.
Supplied complete with stainless steel cover.
Weight approx: 600 g
Ballast for the test container, plated steel made, used for tests on
lightweight aggregates.
Weight approx: 2 kg

ST-1 Megnesium Sulphate Tester


Basket, stainless steel made, 120 mm dia.×160 mm high, 3.35mm opening
Hydrometer, calibrated at 20℃, range 1200 – 1300 g/ml, accuracy 0.001g/ml
Container, tinned steel with airtight lid, 200mm dia. × 200mm high

AST-1 Aggregate Soundness Tester


Consisting of the following components:
Stainless steel mesh basket, 600μm (No. 30 ASTM) 
opening, 120 mm dia. × 160 mm high, approx 0.3 kg weight
Stainless steel mesh basket, 1.7 mm (No. 12 ASTM) 
opening, 120 mm dia.  ×  160 mm high, approx 0.3 kg weight
Stainless steel mesh basket, 9.5 mm (3/8”)
opening, 200 mm dia. ×200 mm high, approx 1 kg weight

3PM-1Three-gang Prism Mould


50×50×200 mm 
complete with steel inserts

Length Comparator


LC-1 Length Compactor with dial gauge 5 mm × 0.001 mm
LC-2 Length Compactor with digital indicator 12 mm × 0.001 mm
Overall dimensions: 180×180×490 mm
Weight approx: 10.5 kg

JC60 Jaw Crusher


The crusher has a jaw opening of 100×60 mm and can produce from 50 to 400 kg of material per hour.
The movement of the jaws can be regulated from 5 to 15 mm.
Motor: 1500 W
Power supply: 380 V, 3 ph.
Overall dimensions: 700×400×550 mm
Weight approx: 110 kg

HM200 Hammer Mill for Laboratory


Grinding chamber dia. 175 mm
Input grain size:  ≤6 mm
Output grain size: 0.1 mm
Maximum capacity: 25 kg/h
Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph., 1100 W
Overall dimensions: 750×500×400 mm
Weight approx: 100 kg

SSS-3N Standard Sieve Shaker


Working voltage

220V 50HZ

380V 3phase

Sieve diameter

200mm, 300mm

Amplitude of sieve block


Shaking frequency


Vibration attack frequency


Gyration radius


Motor power


Sand & Aggregate
Asphalt & Bitumen Mixture
Testing Machines
General Equipment
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